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Secure Group Management Model (MM.01)
Secure Group Management Model (MM.01)
Check our Wiki: https://wiki.careers.securegroup.com/index.php/Main_Page :) In this course, you will be able to understand more about our Company and how we do things. Our Management Model contemplates: - Our Mission and Vision and how we...
How to create an effective K-POC (MM.02)
How to create an effective K-POC (MM.02)
K-POC stands for Knowledge and Personal Objective Cycle. This course aims to teach how to create an effective K-POC with SMART goals in order to keep developing yourself and Level Up/Step Up!
Understanding KAI and RACI (MM.03)
Understanding KAI and RACI (MM.03)
I will describe the RACI matrix. Why it is useful and the roles in it. I will also describe Knowledge Accountability Index aka. KAI. Why we need it. The categories in the KAI, how it is divided into Grades. Also, Knowledge level description.
Introduction to the balanced scorecard (MM.04)
Introduction to the balanced scorecard (MM.04)
Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard approach encourages businesses to analyze and report performance based on four key perspectives - financial, customers, internal processes and organisational capacity. This short course provides an...
How to Create An Amazing Course! (T.01)
How to Create An Amazing Course! (T.01)
Are you excited about creating training, but unsure how to get started? Do you want to ensure the course you're creating will appeal to students? Are you looking for some guidance on how to begin your course creation journey? Then you're in the...